The MASCED PRO Training Programme has been reviewed
and is supported by the following organisations

The British Association of Dermatologists

british association of dematologists

“The British Association of Dermatologists supports this valuable programme. Many professionals who come into contact with skin through the course of their work will have received little or no training in how to spot signs of the UK’s most common cancer. Given that the vast majority of deaths from skin cancer could be avoided if the cancer was detected earlier, work such as this by Skcin, to help drive earlier referrals of potential cancers to specialists, can only be seen as a hugely positive step.”

The College of Podiatry

The College of Podiatry

“The College of Podiatry is very happy to offer its endorsement and approval of this excellent training. Dermatology is a significant part of a podiatrist’s daily work and to have a range of resources to maintain the high standards we expect is essential. This is one part of that expectation and we are grateful to Skcin for their ongoing endeavours.”

The British Association of Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses

British Association of Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses

“Early detection and diagnosis is very important in skin cancer. BASCSN fully support this online learning that will help any healthcare professional who sees patients to look out for and flag up any skin lesion that looks like it might need further investigation.”

The British Dermatological Nursing Group

British Dermatological Nursing Group

“This educational resource has been approved by the British Dermatological Nursing Group.”

Professional Endorsements

“SKCIN have produced an important and engaging teaching tool. It is easy to navigate and replete with photos of lesions and skin cancers. This will help to educate those that see the skin of individuals before they see a Doctor. This critical and much needed education will undoubtedly help save lives from skin cancer through earlier detection, earlier referral and earlier treatment. I urge all disciplines who come into contact with human skin and notice lesions to take this course and educate themselves.”

Sandeep Varma, Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatological Surgeon and Mohs Surgeon
Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham School of Medicine

“Educating health professionals about skin cancer is important for the early detection of skin cancers and to reduce deaths from skin cancer. The MASCED PRO e-course, produced by Skcin, provides a comprehensive overview of skin cancer. Excellent graphics and an emphasis on useful tools for diagnosing melanoma are particular strengths. I highly recommend the MASCED PRO e-course to all health professionals who regularly examine skin.”

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Rachel Abbott BMedSci(Hons) MBBS MRCP(Dermatology)
Welsh Institute of Dermatology, Glamorgan House, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff


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